Gas range as a suprise

I’m not saying that a woman belongs to the kitchen – as most man claims, but I’m sure, that we can do some trick there, which is quite amazing. I’m a mother and I could surprise even myself, when I create a complete dinner for 4, within half an hour. Of course this requires a lot of previous experience and sense for the ingredients, but it’s possible (and I love to cook as well).

I wanted to become a professional cook, but I never had the chance to go for a training, but I could train myself from books, tv shows and now from the internet. All of my family members and my friends say that I cook better food than in most of the restaurants. Sometimes they even ask me to cook for them. J And I like it.

I did all the work in my kitchen and I always used my beloved gas range, which I got 13 years ago. It served me good, until last week. When I was cooking a cake for my husband, something broke inside the oven and a huge amount of smoke flown out. I knew it exactly, that it was the last time.

I showed it to my husband and after an inspection he said that it is gone. I was a sad, I shared a lot of good memories with that gas range. But I knew that this is how everything works.

Everything that has a beginning will end one day. I knew that I have to find a new oven if I want to continue the cooking and I wanted really much. I did some research and I found the best gas range for my semi-professional needs. There was just one problem. It costed 2 times more than what we could afford. I didn’t know what to do. I spoke with my husband and he said the we should sleep and we could discuss it in the morning.

By the time I woke up there was 10 people in the kitchen with the gas range I found last night. My dear husband and my friends bought it to me. I was so touched that I cried. I was happy to have such good friends and a companion for a life time.




Air purifier is a must in big cities

Hi Dears,

Do you know why air is so important? That’s one of our fuel. It’s essential to our life. Especially, clean air.

As we live in a quite crowded city (since my husband got work in a factory near the outskirts of the city), we had to face the problem of polluted air. It’s not even comparable to the air we breathed back in our village. Now it’s hard to breath and we get ill much easier. Maybe, this wouldn’t bother me if only me and my husband should tolerate this, but we have a 5 months old daughter as well. I don’t want her to get grow up in this air.

So, I decided that while my husband is working I’ll find a solution to this problem. First, I asked our neighbours about it, but it seems, that they don’t really care… Than I sat in front of my computer and made a research about how to clean the air inside a house. This is how I found a site with comparisons and details about the best air purifier. I learned what the important indicators are of an air purifier, such as ACH (air change per hour) and CADR (clean air delivery rate). The higher is the better. With this knowledge I found the perfect air cleaner for our needs and I bought one already.


We first placed it in the living room for test purpose. Once we found it pretty good – it’s provide near the same clean air as you can expect on a meadow (It’s amazing!!!) we move it.

Now it’s in our daughter’s room, because she is the most important. And since she is inside the house most of the time it is necessary for her to get the best out of what we can provide.

This air purifier did so well in the past weeks that now we consider to buy an other one to our bedroom or to the living room – or maybe we will buy a portable device and change its position based on our needs.

If you live in a big and crowded city, I advise you to get one as well! It really helps!